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The O'Donoghue Round Robin Legacy 2.01

Yay, my turn to take over! You can find Generation 1 here at simsinthecity's journal.

On with the show!

Frances O'Donoghue, heir to the O'Donoghue Round Robin, has upped stakes and moved to this lovely town house estate. I didn't realise I'd moved her into the fully decorated one until after the fact, and since my computer was giving me trouble, I didn't feel like rehousing her.

(Of course, my computer problems were all my fault. While fiddling with my new monitor (which my didn't want to work properly), we accidentally unseated some RAM. Trying to run the game on 1GB realllllly didn't work. I thought my computer was shitting itself, turns out I'm just an idiot. It's all good now!)

She's only in it for one gen, so I thought we'd stick her in a town house, since I rarely play apartments.

It's a good thing she's happy with that.

And this is her lovely abode. If you've read my Dear Diary story, you may recognise this lot, as Nina ended up living in the version of it I put in that neighbourhood.

Because her home was all set up, we dove straight into getting her a job. I randomised her skills, since I either forgot to ask what they were or I did ask and lost them. I refuse to believe that an adult has no skills whatsoever.

And whoot, game tester. Her LTW won't happen for a looooooooooooooooong time, so let's get a fun job.

Oh hey Mr Humble. I forgot I took out the hack that stopped you. But whoot, free computer!

Creepy neighbour stood there, looking over her fence all day. Most creepsters hide their perversions, but not BJ Ryan.

Even his name is creepy.

Behind her is Skip Broke, one of the offspring from one of my Big Brother challenges. Frances is living in the same neighbourhood as my Awesomesauce family, so you might see some familiar faces.

She doesn't let simple things like cars or physics get in her way.

Meet Puddles! She desperately, desperately wanted a puppy (more than meeting someone), so she got herself one.

And once those wants were met, she rolled the want to flirt with someone...and then spotted Corbin Tsang.

Puddles: Are...are you replacing me already??

Frances: So, what do you want?
Corbin: Hah, I want to corrupt the neighbourhood!
Frances: What?
Corbin: I said, nice boobs, wanna fuck?

If you weren't so cute, I'd hate you, Corbin. Don't you dare be a death omen.

While they were busy flirting and beating each other up with pillows, Vegemite Batmanigan decided she'd had enough of being ignored and forced her way into the story.

I hate to break the bad news, guys, but she really won't care that you're yelling at her.

Frances knows three people and one dog, and only one of those people is she friends with. Doesn't take much to earn some fame around here!

Things moved along nicely between the gingers.

Making out in bed is a great way of becoming best friends with someone, just so you know.

But he wouldn't put out. He wasn't that kind of guy.

Frances: Look, if you do me, I might let you move in.
Corbin: Well, I do have my own place...
Frances: Not like I do. I've got it all. Plus, you'll have a recurring role for at least four episodes.
Corbin: Oh, since you put it like that...

Cherries are popped everywhere!

My 4 year old wanted to watch me play around this time, as it's been a while since I have played, so she wanted to know what they were doing in bed. I told her they were just cuddling, something grown ups do together. When they got into the rumpy pumpy, she told them to stop bouncing on the bed.

After the deed, he just stood here thinking about how he'd just gotten laid. I'm not sure he's all that bright.

(and oh noes, spoiler! It was the best solo shot I took of him, and that's how I like to do their stats)

Post coitus pudding is always good. Especially when the host stays naked.

Corbin: Enough of the chit chat. I'm ready for round two.

He was ready for round two, but he left soon after, without impregnating our plucky heroine. So the next morning, she went to visit him.

Buck naked o_O

He let her in, but quickly ran out the door to go to she put her underwear on.

Frances: Oh yeah, pictures of me in my underwear, this'll win him over.

Not quite the saucy photos most people think of, but maybe it'll do the trick.

Because I rarely play apartments, I was a bit surprised when the landlord let herself in to tend to the trees in the backyard.

Frances: This soup would taste better with babies in it.

Frances: I wonder if I could order in...

She also has interesting ways of trying to attract a potential mate.

Though she does put clothes on to do ballet o_O

Since Corbin was finally home, she decided to pop by for a visit, still in her sweaty sweats.

Not one to beat about the bush, she cut to the chase and used as many clichés as she could to entrap him.

Aww. He said yes. They're so sweet.

Because we want to move fast here, they got hitched in her front yard. His house is the one on the right, so he won't have far to move.

Bastard. You had a whole HOUSE. We've been in it. And this is all we get?? He's a state assembly person, but he's broke.

Corbin: Do you remember our first time? I remember it like it was yesterday. That was something special.
Frances: It was yesterday.

Puddles: Sometimes I feel I'm swimming in a fish bowl, year after year.

It only took about five goes before we got the chimes.

I don't know who these guys are, but I find them creepy. They're always walking around together, wearing the same clothes,and they're obsessed with Myshuno.

Amar is the ginger, Amin the other one.

Why so down, Alex Tinsel?

Alex: You haven't played with me in ages. I've just entered my hottie years, and you're not paying any attention to me! I'm awesome, remember?!

Don't worry, I'll get to you soon.

Frances's promotion excitement was ruined by Zoid Spicoli II, attention whore at large.

In other news, she doesn't do pregnancy well.

She's also fucking creepy.

And she does like to be naked.

Looks like someone isn't as much of a family sim as they first appeared to be.

SEE?? They're super creepy. Walking around together, cameras at the ready. Freaking paparazzi.

Pregnancy fail. It was just too far to the bed, I guess.

More regrets, my love?

Looks like it! She wouldn't let him touch her at all. No kissing, cuddling, or any other sign of affection for ages.

Frances: Oh, okay. I guess I do love him after all.

Corbin: Hi honey! I love you even if you won't let me kiss you! I totally understand and respect your pregnancy hormones! Would you like some pie?
Frances: *loves*

It took some convincing, but they were back on track. She was just cranky, I guess, because their stats were fine before that all happened.

Ball of Stink: I will get you and your little dog too!

You could at least TRY to look happy about it.

Amar: Would you like a free personality test?
Corbin: Would I? Sure! Sounds great!


So I said yes, but nothing happened.

Creepy dudes are creepy.

Corbin: Ugh, more sex?
Frances: Shut up and do me. Otherwise I'll have to rip this baby out myself.

You put on your underwear after sex, but stay naked for everything else??

Yes, it's true. Sex can help bring on labour. Well, good sex.

And this reminded me of one of the reasons I don't play apartments much - stupid invasive neighbours.

Twins! Two girls, Blanche and Rose.

I may have been watching Golden Girls at the time.

Paper girl, 1) the babies can't read and 2) papers go to the front door, not the bed!

I do love how scared Aki is in the background there.

Oh hey, Puddles grew up and into the dog bed. That's talent.

Puddles: You killed my father. Prepare to die.

Frances: OM NOM NOM.

He's all class.

You know you have a drinking problem when your hand stays in the shape of the bottle, long after you threw it away.

Toasting: you're doing it wrong.

Frances: This is good, but would be better with baby bacon. I wonder if I can get someone to deliver that...

Don't you love it when you feed them and they throw it up straight away? What a waste of food. I had that happen when I was pregnant, right after I ate the most delicious steak. Which, by the way, doesn't taste or feel as good on the way back up. I was so sad about that. I like steak!

Corbin: I am so not cleaning that.

Not only is she playing darts naked in the snow, but she's just about impaled herself on the fence. Girl, you've got no common sense.

Gratuitous baby shot.

You're almost as smart as your wife.

I'm actually quite surprised she put clothes on for this!

She's got her mojo back, but it looks like she's still holding a grudge.

Frances would like you to know that the fastest way to a man's heart is not through his stomach, but right between the ribs.


And since I'd now had enough of playing apartments, I moved them out to their own little slice of heaven.

They had next to no money left afterwards, but that's okay.

Puddles, living up to his name, and looking happy about it.

Oh hey, another pop.

Nice. Very nice.

Annnnnnd it's birthday time.

Meet Blanche!

And Rose, who seems to have to do things in ways that stretch physics to the extreme.

Those hairs wouldn't do, so it was makeover time.

This time, Blanche and Rose.

You've just gotta love their potty training faces.

Not to bring the focus on your boobs or anything, Frances...

And again. *sigh*

Doing what kids do best - waking their parents up at ridiculous hours and getting into things they really shouldn't.

The cute! It overwhelms.

Yay! More babies!

More twins! Meet Sophia (with Corbin) and Stan (with Frances).

That's the way to look after your kids, Frances.

Weeeee!! It's good to be playing again. Especially after my power supply died yesterday and I had to replace it myself. It was a first to me, but I got it to work, yay! Go me! I'm hoping to be simming a lot more often these days :D
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