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The O'Donoghue Round Robin Legacy 2.02

Oh my, it's been a while. Whoops! So let's recap.

We have Frances, who's married to Corbin. They had twin girls, Blanche and Rose, followed by more twins, Stan and Sophia.

The children were creepy.

Okay, they were cute. But kids can still be creepy at times.

Corbin was interested in teaching them things,

while Frances was more interested in eating leftovers.

Okay, maybe not. But seriously, you'd think they'd empty the rubbish out before sticking their head in there.

She's a family sim, but she hasn't got a clue.

Frances: Hey hey hey, nice work on the potty training. Teach this one too, hey?

I think she needs a hobby.

Frances: Never get a freaking moment of peace around here, rassinfrassinbabies.

Welcome to parenthood, where you never pee or bathe alone again.



How to win at chess, hint #45: Play naked.

I want to be all "aww look at the toddler and the puppy!" but the naked lady in the background spoils it.

If other sims yell at me for calling them late, why can't I yell at them when they call me at ungodly hours?

While twin set #1 happily play,

the parents

get frisky

Rose: Holy shit, I don't wanna see that. I'm outta here.


Parenting at it's finest.

Oh, wait, letting your child fall asleep IN THE POTTY while they're starving is. My mistake. Also, thinking about doing your husband while changing nappies for bonus points.

Blanche: Goddamnit kid, I'm trying to sleep here!

Yeah, because that's all that's making sleep hard...

She's really not the greatest mother around, but she tries.

Sophia gets the birthday attention,

while Stan is left on the floor.

After much prodding, Frances remembers she has a fourth child.

Not sure that's a view your children need to see.

Frances: Who the hell are you??
Frances: You're not Batman, get out of my house!

Puddles: FEED ME.
Blondie: What?

Frances: Eh, red's just a shinier, green, right? Just like with traffic lights?

And now we have a house full of toddlers.

She's quite rightly afraid of it.

Even with all the madness, Corbin works hard at skilling up so that he can work his way up the political ladder.


So cute :)

Puddles: I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my Squishy. Come on, Squishy. Come on, little Squishy.

These events are not related. I think.

Puddles: Ow! Bad Squishy! Bad Squishy!

Her face is kind of scary. I'd be worried if I were him.

Children lining up to wash their dishes? What madness is this?

That awkward moment when you realise you forgot to check their mood before sending them in to the energiser.

No such thing as pooping in privacy around here.

Rose: And then they'll send you to SCHOOL where Mrs Trunchbull will put you in the chokey if you do anything wrong.

Rose: Just joking!

Sophia: Imma cut you, bitch.

I made them this. Huzzah! I want one.

Corbin: I think that bacon was bad.

Really? You don't say?

What do you mean, this isn't recommended in the parenting books?

Puddles: You guys are all woohoo and shit.

Stan: Hey, mum? I'd really like it if you could help me out here.
Frances: With what? I'm like, super busy.
Stan: I have a Code Brown situation that I'd like you to rectify.

Frances: I really don't get why you can't do this yourself. You know, taking care of your poop makes me like you a lot!
Stan: Eh, you're okay I suppose.


Blanche: But muuuuuuuuuum, the baby peed in there!

Hey creepy kid that followed the twins home.

You're super creepy. Children aren't meant to levitate! What are you, part Dalek?

Creepy kid: I shall sing you the song of my people!

Rose: Do you remember that time when I was little and I saw you and mummy trying to make a baby?

Corbin: Uh, no? I guess I was kind of preoccupied at the time.

Blanche: Can they send you to jail for that? Is that why I heard mummy tell you that you were going to get locked up one time?
Corbin: Hey, it wasn't like that!

Corbin: Your mother just likes to indulge in things that-

Blanche: You know what, I'd really rather not know.

Having learnt that their parents wouldn't always feed them, Stan discovered the blocks would make a handy snack.

Oh look, a wild nanny has appeared! She seems to be taking care of the child!

*sigh* Yup, she's as useless as the rest of them.

So useless, she sticks the kids in the floor to feed them.

Seriously, how'd you even get this gig?

The other kids can take care of themselves, at least. In this family, getting high and playing computer games is somewhat of a step up. Hey, sounds like a good Friday night to me.

Frances: I got a promotion and I'm happy about it but this week is only meh! I think I need more drugs!

Frances: Why aren't these kids happier about my promotion??

Whoot whoot!

No more toddlers, yay! And despite their failure of a day (they were both in the red for SO MUCH), they both grew up well.

Though the fail did continue.

Oh look, they're all in bed!

And able to keep themselves occupied. Ah, bliss.

Corbin: Hey, remember that hot lady down the road, Seraphina something?
Frances: ...yeah?

Corbin: I'm totally gonna be thinking about her while we do it.


Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work he goes.

Puddles: Y U ALL LEAVE ME??

Puddles: No one leaves me.

You have kids to save on household chores, right?

Oh yeah.

Now the kids are all able to keep themselves occupied and toilet themselves, the happy couple can't keep their hands off each other. And they both kept rolling the want for more babies. NO. AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN.

Ever get to a point in your relationship where boundaries no longer exist? It might be time to put the magic of mystery back into it.

Look! He even remembers to feed them!

Not that she remembers to put her clothes back on.

Zoid Spicoli II: Hey, you're hot and all, but please put some clothes back on. My delicate sensibilities can't take it! Plus, I almost tore my pants looking at you.

Zoid: hehehe I saw boobies.

Look, family shot! All at the table together!

Half of them made it to bed before falling asleep, at least.

This took me forever, I know. With stuff that's been going on this year, where I've been at, and how my computer has been behaving, simming hasn't been a priority. But I'm getting back into it again. The next update will NOT take as long! I've gotta pass this baby on!

Seraphina Happypants (the lady in the bubble) is from the Happypants Round Robin and and Zoid Spicoli II is the one of the offspring from one of my Big Brother challenges, if you were wondering.

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