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The O'Donoghue's Round Robin Legacy 2.03

Frances: An audience! Look at me! Look at me!
Rose: You're really weird.

While Rose and Blanche play nicely...

Sophia turns the neighbourhood kids to drugs.

Gotta love how Frances prefers to spend time with the dog than with the kids or fixing the shower.

Puddles: Just living up to my name!

Puddles: I'm sure she's in here somewhere...


Puddles: I wasn't doing anything, it was like that when I found it! I swear!

Sophia: Ah, my homework collection is growing!

I discovered I had the "give cooties" mod so I thought it'd be a good time to play with it. I'm pretty sure his name is Javier, though don't quote me on that. I forgot to write it down.

I yet again used simsforaranya's trick of having Corbin study physiology,

before hitting the ballet bar to max out his body skill super fast.

Yeah, you should feel bad about that child slavery racket you've got going on, Corbin.

That looks painful.

Yeah! Mad simming time!

She was never sorry.

Since they all continually rolled wants for fishing, I finally gave in and dug them a hole.

Leave them alone for two minutes, this is what they end up doing.


All night long.

These kids scare me with how much they like to clean.

Rose: Oh, this will keep me in therapy for years.

Seriously, guys, BOUNDARIES. They're good.

Aww, Puddles got old.

Pinky, you're a few seasons early.

Birthday time!

Corbin: Did you do something different with your hair?


This is the moment when you realise you forgot to install a burglar alarm.


Holy shit, man. How big is your ass pocket??

By the time she finally called the police (she dropped the action to run outside to freak out because OMG THERE'S A BURGLAR GUYS), our thief was done.

Cop: Missed him by that much.

Frances: Watch where you're sniffing, dog.

Holy shitballs, woman, what the hell possessed you???

Frances: And just what is that meant to mean?

Uh, nothing at all. *backs away slowly*

Peeing in peace, what a bizarre concept.


France: I haven't had sex in four hours. I hope there's nothing wrong.

She desperately wanted a car, so I finally gave in an redesigned the house so one would fit.

Well crap.


Corbin: This phallic shaped meal isn't holding her interest. I wonder if something's wrong?

In a bout of absolute laziness the girls got jobs in the same music store.

Frances: It's about time you went and got a job of your own, too, young man.
Stan: LOLWUT, I'm nine!

Sophia is clearly above such childish shenanigans. She has learnings about cleaning to learn!

Awesome work, girls.

One of Blanche's favourite hobbies is to go around and tuck everyone in. That, or check to see if they're in position for smothering, it's hard to tell.

All the cool kids hang out by the hole in their backyard and kill stuff.

Why yes, it is headmaster time. And with one schmooze, Corbin racked up 60 points. WTF?

Frances: So how much do we need to slide your way for our kids to be guaranteed attendance?
Headmaster: Oh my, boobies.

Corbin: Sweetheart, that's not how it works. I'm the Mayor! He knows it's in his best interest for our children to attend his school. Especially if he wants to continue to receive government funding...
Headmaster: Goddamn, those are some nice knockers.

Table manners clearly is not one of the subjects taught there.

Sophia: I know they say a picture lasts longer, but I think he'd prefer a video of mum's boobs.
Headmaster: Hell yeah. I mean, uh, they got in. Yeah, all of them.

Hell yeah, they did.

The damn dog couldn't eat from the bowl for some reason, so I put out a selection to see if another would work.


The middle dish worked, finally. Not sure why the others didn't. I blame the maid.

Blanche: live.

Blanche: But I make no promises for tomorrow.

Looking swish, guys.

She obviously agrees. This is the first time she's done this, and it was while she was is uniform. That says a lot, I think.

After seeing his father use the barre, Stan decides he wants to be a ballerina too.

The girls continue to be awesome. Though I guess their boss figured it was easier to promote them both up instead of deciding between them.

Oh yeah, more birthdays!

This guy was walking by, so Blanche started talking to him...but he was farting hearts all over the nanny's driver. Not really a way to impress a girl, so she kicked him on down the road.

Everyone loves the peen.

Frances: My wrists hurt so much from last night's sexcapades. We're not doing that position again!

Juan: I'm like, totally into bears normally, but you're cute so I'll make an exception for you.

Rose: Well hellllllloooo hot stuff.
Destry: Ooo you have a Wii!

While those two are flirting like mad, Blanche voluntarily takes out her frustrations on the kitchen counters. She has plans, too, but she just has to wait.

Sophia sleeps...

And of course, these two get it on.

I am SO surprised they haven't had any more babies. I keep expecting it, but it hasn't happened.

Her date couldn't steal the family limo until 1am. And he turned up in his sports gear. Classy.

Random middle of the night werewolf walkby is only weird because he's wearing socks AND sandals. And a bumbag. Get a makeover, dude.

Well, that's not good. But he didn't wake her parents, so they're none the wiser and she didn't get into any real trouble over it.

Why hello, bathtub pirate.

It was time for a new car. Corbin still wouldn't let her ride in his helicopter, so she got a sweet new ride.

10 points for the maid, right?

Better luck next time, Frances.

Aww, Puddles. You were a good dog. No one cared you were dead, either, which is a shame. Though several rolled wants to resurrect you.

Just like any other teenage boy, Stan spent about six hours playing with his instrument.

You're far too excited about going on a hike, lovey.

This is the more appropriate level of enthusiasm. Though they've all been rolling wants for it since they were kids, so I guess being excited about finally going is okay.

Nothing says cool like going for a late night hike in your uniform.

I was waiting to see if they'd roll around in poison ivy like simsforaranyas sims always do, but no, they just found a skunk.

Sophia: Hi, my sister stinks. Can you do something about that?
Cop: Uh, sure. Have a puppy.
Sophia:'re really weird.
Cop: No, seriously, have a puppy.

Meet Allonsy Alonso. Yes, I have been watching a lot of Doctor Who lately.

Frances: You do NOT pee in my hand! Ew!

Alonso: This smells like boy. Ew.

I love seeing the teeny tiny puppies on the big beds. SO. CUTE.

Soon enough we'll have teenage shenanigans and elderhood! I've also tried out a new editing process (from eversims), what do you think? Happy New Year, everyone!

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