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The O'Donoghue Round Robin Legacy 2.04

First off - MASSIVE APOLOGIES to everyone for how long it's taken me to do this. Life has been a bit rough this year, but I'm finally at a place where I can play again. Whoot! I hope this makes up for it. If not, I'll bake cookies. I might even send you some!

Nothing says your teenager is on drugs like them going into the garden in the middle of the night, wearing only their underwear, to sniff flowers.


Yes, Frances, we know you want him.

I'm really not sure what this book is about.

They won't be going, but awesome all the same.

Corbin: And the astronaut will get engaged to the was really good soup.

Tada indeed.

Just your ordinary night. Shovels, babies, naked chess.

And the cheese eats alone.

Ghost dog!!

Stan: Green stink fumes again?! But we had that last night!

This is what happens when you buy the cheap pet food.

No, that doesn't look creepy at all.

Another sign your teenager might be on drugs. Running around the yard with an empty jar, in only their underwear.

Sophia: Ugh, after that, I know that childbirth is definitely not for me.

Oh look, it's contagious.

I think this family has forgotten they actually own clothes. I blame Frances.

Who, quite surprisingly, has hers on for a change.

But not for long.

Frances: Damn, that took so long it hurt my hand. I must be losing my touch.

The lack of coordination your teens might exhibit could be another hint to their secret drug taking.

I suppose it's because of Frances's aversion to clothes that they don't really understand what constitutes good hiking wear.

For those of you with fuller breasts, this is a game to avoid. It's hard to shoot cleanly when the cue is bumped by your boobs.

Sunscreen and water: two very important items to have while hiking.

Sophia: Um, mum? Those clouds won't protect you from the sun!

It was around now that I finally played again, and discovered some items of CC that I'd removed were in use here. Whoops.

Just how he got burnt under that jumper is beyond me.

Teen outing time! Yeah! Apparently they were meant to see a band, and I chose the wrong lot. Maybe. I'm not sure.

While Stan went and bought himself a gaming device...

Blanche tried to hit on Skip Broke.

Rose: Our Burglar had a moustache. You have a moustache. Therefore, you must be our burglar! I hate you!

I found some more folks who were hit by the great CC purge. This is one of the gen one Happypants kids. Kimberley, I think. I don't remember!

Skip didn't like being hit on.

Yeah, his reaction was a bit over the top.

We interrupt this argument so that Stan can tell Skip that this fight is helping to increase ratings, so can he please step it up?

Blanche doesn't mind being the one to do so.

Meanwhile, Rose has realised her mistake and is now hitting on older men.

Oh, Vegemite, what did I do to you?? I didn't recognise you at first!

Stan felt the need to shake her hand (which was holding the invisible newspaper), while the delivery lady did the yelling. Alrighty then.

Skip started wandering by several times a day to be creepy.

Corbin: OH NO. I knew letting those damn vampire books into the house was a mistake! STOP SPARKLING!

No, Sophia, you can't have one.

You have your own beds for that.

Blanche: Do you mind? I need to pee!

Sophia: Oh woe! My acne!

Still sweet after all these years.

Stan: Those pants do make her butt look big, but I ain't gonna tell her!

One of these things is not like the other...

Just how do you have a LAN game with your siblings when one insists on playing the wrong game?

Ooo crazy old lady with a bag!

Whoot whoot!

Genie Ball - coming soon to a town near you!

Is it just me, or does it look like she farted him out?


It's a good thing they live in a safe neighbourhood. He didn't even look at it!

Allonzy Alonso grew up and he's NOT happy about it.

Alonso: Oh bliss! I've been dreaming about this since I got here!

Go on, rip her arm off!

It's not often you see the mayor pushing another grown man on a swing. Though I suppose it depends on what kind of clubs you go to.

With all the money they had fall from the sky, I sent Frances out to buy everyone electronic gadgets. She had a hankering for giving gifts.

Stan: WHOA! Did you see that? Its BUTT is glowing!

Sit UBU sit. Good dog.

You know, other people want to get off the bus, too. Move on before you rock on.

Mirabelle, what are you doing on the bus? You're not a teenager.

Digging in the yard can lead to all kinds of unexpected outcomes.

You're awfully happy about being fired there, Blanche.

That's more like it.

Wait, what?


That looks a little wrong.

I thought we talked about your sparkling?

So it turns out the teens just quit school and started going full time at their jobs once they turned 18.

Damn it, Blanche! Girl just cannot hold a job.

Wrong emotional response, yet again, Blanche.

Do you see something wrong with this want? We got NO SNOW.

Since it had been so long since I played last (soveryverysorry!) and because they no longer went to school, it was birthday butt fireworks time.


They got old, too.





Heir vote poll here! If everyone else is still keen on playing, they're off to visit remisims.

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