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It's a challenge!
BGTL: Wanda/Tim kiss
Ooo! I was told that Dear Diary had been nominated in the Best Drama Writer category. How flattering! It looks like anyone can vote, so if you feel the urge...go give me some love ;)

You might be happy to know that Better Get To Livin' part eight is halfway done, too :D
PP: Bitsy
I've asked over at wcif_sims but had no luck, so I thought I'd see if anyone who read this was a creator who'd like to help me out.

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25th-Nov-2010 01:01 pm - Opaline, part two
Other: Death pee

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Previous entries:
23rd-Nov-2010 03:16 pm - Holiday Love Meme
SA: woohoo
Oh man, you guys say the most wonderful things. I love the love, I do :D I am really appreciative of everyone who reads my stories and legacies, and I do love leaving you on the edge of your seat. Cliffhangers are awesome. For me, anyway :p I just wanted to say thank you to those who did leave me comments in the allthingsimlish Holiday Love Meme, and thank you to everyone else who reads and enjoys what I do (and thank you to those who read it and don't enjoy it, though I really hope you enjoy it!). It's so nice to see everyone get into the spirit of the comm, which is to share the love and give warm fuzzies for everyone. Feel free to pimp it out! I'd like to know who the people who commented are, because I like making friends! I don't use chat programs much these days, but you're welcome to come and hang out in lntbr with me. Just a place to chat and ramble, doesn't have to be sims related. Just life.

I do have enough pictures for the next Pinkington update, though I'd like to play a bit more before I do, just to round it out. Lots has happened in it, but I'm still having the empty bars and clubs problem. I've updated to the latest awesomemod, which is meant to fix that problem. Hopefully it does! I've been busy rearranging furniture at home instead of playing, as I needed to change the lounge room in order to make space for the Christmas tree. I usually put it up on December 1st, but my daughter is itching for it to go up earlier. Still, I had to rearrange her room, and now I have to go back to finishing the lounge room. I've had a few nasty headaches lately, so that's been putting me off wanting to do stuff, on top of the colds she keeps getting. But I've written up the next Pinkington entry, so I just have to edit the photos...and finish playing, if I want to do that. Ramble ramble. The next one will be along soon, I promise. Then I can go back into some TS2 stuff. I'm thinking Opaline and Better Get To Livin', then some Tinsels and Glittergazes. I've got about half an entry of Tinsels done, but I like to switch things around so I don't get bored. I'll be having some guests in the weeks before Christmas (two of my godkids), but they're both teens and will probably want to be out with their friends, so I'm guessing that I'll still be able to get some playing in :)

And because you guys love the gifs...

21st-Nov-2010 09:47 am - Holiday Love Meme!
Kibbles: lampshade
We're doing it again! Go here, and leave your name so that others can say nice things about you, and then say nice things about others! Pimp it! Share the love!

Pinkingtons will be happening soon, too. I just want to play through a bit more before I post again. There's a lot going on in the next update, and I'm finally getting some celebrities and vampires around town :D
Batmanigan: Vegemite weeeeee
Look! A meme. I've stolen this from strange_tomato and simtopi. I'm using characters that have appeared in Dear Diary and/or Better Get To Livin'.

Here's how it goes:

1) Make a list of 15 characters first.

2) Ask your flist to post questions in the comments. (Go ahead, ask several! That's a lot of characters.) For example: "4, 6, 12 & 15 are starting a band together, what is their name and what kind of music do they play? Also, who's the lead singer, and what instruments do the others play?"

3) After your flist has asked enough questions, round them up and answer them using the 15 characters you selected beforehand, and then post them.

4) Guessing time!

The answers will be listed under the cut as they are guessed.Collapse )
5th-Nov-2010 08:50 am - Late Night camera issues
SA: social bunny
I know that there's a mod to fix the camera issues in the apartment buildings and other high rise places, but it's not compatible with Aikea Guinea's camera mod. Are there any mods out there that combine these two, or that are compatible that do the same thing? I don't want to give up the AG mod, because I love it, but the crazy movements in tab mode in those new buildings is shitty.

I'm really out of the loop with TS3 mods, so I thought I'd ask you guys :)
3rd-Nov-2010 03:39 pm - Headers, Glittergazes and Twitters
PP: lolwut
Have you noticed my new header? I think it's kinda neat. I've also tweaked my layout a little, because I was getting over all the purple (which is a shocking thing to say, as purple is my favourite colour!). What do you think?

I've also set up a Twitter account for this journal, which you can find @simtasia. Feel free to follow! I'll be tweeting when I update here, and maybe some random sim stuff as I go along. Whatever the mood calls for :)

And lastly, in case you missed it, I have generation 3 of the Glittergaze kids up for grabs. You can get them here.
18th-Oct-2010 07:32 pm - More Glittergazes for you!
PP: lolwut
I've finally uploaded allllllllllll the gen 3 kids for my Glittergazes, and you can find them here. I'm still sick, so haven't loaded the game to get their stats or in game shots, but I'll fix that soon. They're all CC-lite, with mostly only hair, skin and eyes included.
17th-Oct-2010 05:25 pm - sim_scenes challenge
BGTL: Angry Jessie
I've got another head cold right now, so while I wanted to sim, I wasn't sure I had the concentration for one of my stories or legacies. So another sim_scenes challenge it is! The sims you see in here are offspring from the Big Brother 3 contestants, Hortense Marigold, Onyx and Greta.

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4th-Oct-2010 08:43 pm - Erinsborough Bay, part nine
PP: heyyyyy

It's been a while since I've updated this, so I strongly suggest you read the previous 8 chapters before diving in. If you don't want to wait, what we last saw was the fertility potion being dumped into the water supply, Rebecca's first pop, and Icarus and Frances taking things to the next level.
64 pictures, including nudity and teen sexCollapse )

Guest starring Daisy Flora from shoefleesims and Brekke Knight from simsforaranya.

Previous Entries:
[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5]
[Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8]
[The Cast]
3rd-Oct-2010 10:04 pm - Erinsborough Bay updates
PP: Bitsy
I've been working on the next update for EB, but some of the lots are being bastards. Taking forever to load, incredibly slow while I'm in there, and occasionally crashing, ugh. I'm going to have to do some tweaking in build mode before I go in again. I've got most of the next update written up, and most of the pictures I need for it, so it's getting there. I'll have some time over the next week to finish doing it - as long as those lots don't drive me crazy!
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