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It's a challenge!

13 January 1977
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  • simtasia@livejournal.com
This is one of my guilty pleasures - my sims addiction. My first stories were The Maitlands and The Kibble Bluegacy, which were in the vein of the traditional Legacy, but those two have fallen by the wayside. I have completed Big Brother 1, 2 and 3, and two asylum challenges. I have a range of stories as well as several commentary legacies, with the majority being played in TS2. I have jumped into the TS3 world, though I don't play it as often as TS2.

These stories all feature heavy adult content, including sex, nudity and violence. If these offend you at all, it might be best to skip them. No, really. Just assume all my entries are NSFW and go from there.

The stories are easily searched through their tags, but I've also put them in my memories:

Current Stories and Challenges

Welcome to Tinsel Town!

House of Trouser

Erinsborough Bay

The Batmanigans

Pinkington Palace

Big Brother Season 3

tqc_anon asylum

It's a Pinkington ISBI Challenge!

Finished Stories and Challenges

Dear Diary

The Happypants Round Robin Legacy

TQC Asylum

Strangetown Asylum

Big Brother 1

Big Brother 2

Abandoned Stories

The Maitlands

The Kibbles

I love reading other people's sims stories, so I'm always looking for more! Feel free to add this LJ to keep up to date! ;) You can also follow me on Twitter @simtasia, where I'll tweet when I update here.

I have also renamed, previously this was "sims_for_kiki".